CISS Maintenance

  • Always keep the ink tank and the printer on the same level.
  • If no or poor print-out occur, check the hose for any bubbles.
  • Do not refill ink at the air tank portion of the CISS
  • Use Inktech Premium bulk inks only for best results and for warranty purposes.
  • Keep at least ½ inch of ink in the tank as not to draw air in the cartridge.
  • Limit to 3 cleaning cycles, and then print a test pattern. Allow the printer to rest after 3 durations of cleaning.
  • Empty waste tank at the back of the printer as soon as it is almost at the level of the line indicated in the bottle
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Plug rubbers while transporting.
  • For printing maintenance – print involving CMYK colors at least 2 times a week


CISS Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  • Not Covered by Warranty Repair:
  1. All defects caused by wrong usage and not following the suggestion stated in product user’s manual.
  2. Defective products resulting from unauthorized repair.
  3. Defects caused by accident, negligence or bad intention.
  4. Defects caused by insects and animals.
  5. Defects caused by natural and man-made disaster such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.
  6. Defects caused by improper installation or usage in places with extreme weather condition like high heat or humidity which can affect the life of the product.
  7. Products which altered model and/or serial numbers.
  8. Defects caused by using ink other than INKTECH Premium Bulk Ink.
  9. Printers in CISS packages are not included in the warranty.
  • Terms and Conditions:
  1. Three (3) months warranty for CISS parts & services only. Repair service is available at INKTECH Only.
  2. Warranty card – complete and no amendment -  must be attached to the product requested for services.
  3. Transportation expenses are not included in the warranty. Product owner should be responsible.
  4. Only products sold and distributed by INKTECH are warranted and are subject to validation.
  5. Only defects caused by production process are warranted.
  6. CISS returned due to defective of parts must be returned with ink not below 50mL in each tank – or customer will pay for the consumed ink.
  7. INKTECH Premium Bulk Ink must be used inorder to avail of the free service and printhead cleaning. This is to avoid further clogging of printhead with different ink composition and compatibility.
  8. Warranty condition is valid from purchasing date until end-of-warranty date specified in warranty card.
  9. Warranty is applicable to CISS unit only and does not include the accompanying printer.