Sales Return and Exchange

Sales Return Policy: Sales Return & Exchange

Ink & Toner Refill, Cartridges, CISS, Repairs

1)     All ink/toner refill and consumable cartridges may be subject to a one-week warranty and after-sale service provided that:

  • 70% ink or toner content is unconsumed/unused
  • Cartridge, box, and/or refill/rema sticker are in good condition and intact.
  • Presentation of original proof of purchase or invoice; photocopy of the invoice does not qualify as proof of purchase.
  • Must   be returned to the same branch where it was refilled/purchased.
  • Strictly no invoice, no sticker —- no free services, no refund.

2)     Cartridge cleaning, test-printing and transfer ink/toner are FREE of charge.

3)     Transfer ink/toner validity is up to 60 days only from date of invoice with the signature of both technician and cashier allowing transfer of ink/toner. This does not necessarily mean that the cartridge should be empty; you may transfer ink/toner even if it is not fully empty to avail of the 60-day warranty period.

4)     Continuous Ink Supply  System  (CISS)  installed  to  the  customer’s printer by InkPro is with 30 days warranty only  –  replace  or  repair. Beyond the warranty period, customers will have to pay for parts replacement and unit check-up.

5)     CISS bought and installed by the customer himself is without warranty.

6)     Printer repair may be subject to warranty within 30 days from date of invoice.

7)     Mere change of mind of the customer after specific job has been undertaken or issuance of official receipt, the items purchased may not be refunded or exchanged.

8)     Purchase by mistake may be returned/refunded within 3 days only with provisions same as (1).

9)     For provincial customers, you must notify our branch within 3 days and return the goods purchased within 7 days from date of purchase.


Blank CD-R/W, DVD-R/W & Diskettes:

  • Cash refund for returned items is not allowed. However, it can be exchanged with other item of same class value. Returned items must not be less than the amount paid.
  • All storage media must be returned in good condition. NO BURN, NO SCRATCH, NO CRACK, NO WRITINGS.
  • It must be returned to the same branch where it was purchased.
  • Accessories like casings, pouch and pudding are not qualified for refund or exchange.