How to Take Care of Your Inkjet Cartridges


  1. Do not leave inkjet cartridge outside the printer as the ink will dry and clog the print head.
  2. Do not leave an empty cartridge in the printer for too long. It is best to have it refilled once it is almost empty.
  3. Do not continue printing when there is no more ink in the cartridge. The resistors in the print head is likely to overheat and can shorten the life of the print head.
  4. Use printer regularly.
  5. Do not cover a tri-color cartridge print-head with a moist towel as this can cause mixing of colors.
  6. Power down printer properly. Most inkjet printers have a print head parking function that will seal the cartridge properly inside the printer.
  7. Do not run back to back cleaning cycles. Give the cartridge a chance to let some ink flow in between cycles by printing 2 or 3 pages.